After placing an order please send COMPANY LOGO if you use one.


When purchasing a Pre-Made cover, font and font color can be changed at no charge. If you want something added or taken off the pre-made cover, there is a $15 charge. This charge is because when you start requesting for add ons and take offs, it becomes a custom cover instead of a pre-made. 


On the pre-made covers, you are allowed one title change at no extra cost before final approval is complete. Once the approval is complete and cover has been sent, if another title change is requested, there will be a charge of $15. 


Changes on custom covers are negotiable before final approval. Full payment is required before any work is started on custom covers. 


When purchasing work for a back and spine, make sure to send what you want on the back cover, synopsis, author picture, etc. Kreationsk does not provide editing services, therefore, when sending your synopsis, please make sure it is completely edited. Your synopsis will be copied and pasted to the back cover, so if there are any misspellings, missing comma's, etc. we will not know since we do not go over the synopsis's. Once you have approved your back and spine and it is sent to you, any changes there after will be a $10 fee. 


Formatting, is just that, formatting. Since Kreationsk is not responsible for the editing of your works, we will not be going through your manuscript looking for mistakes that may be in your document. Please make sure your script is fully edited before getting it formatted. If you decide to make any changes to your document after it has been formatted and want it to be realigned or something, there will be a small charge of $25. Again, we do not provide editing services, therefore, your manuscript will be copied, pasted, and formatted. Any mistakes in the document is your responsibility before getting it formatted. 


Please be sure to read all terms and conditions before purchasing any service from Kreationsk. We stand firm on our terms and there are no exceptions to "I didn't see the terms and conditions"

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