Love is in the air for Naymond. Shortly after losing the only man he had ever loved, Nay decided the past was going to be the past. Not wanting to dwell on Tay and all of the lies he spewed over the years, Nay vowed to live his best life with his niece and nephews, who he now has custody of. One night after taking the kids out, Nay meets Dee, a free-spirited, loving, and attractive twenty-seven-year-old who wanted nothing but to love him and be happy. Feeling unsure about having feelings for anyone other than Tay, Naymond tries to push away Dee, but Dee had other plans.After fifteen years spent waiting for her husband, Major, to be released from prison, Cassandra finds herself on the other side of the gate. Being sentenced to six months in jail for a crime she committed that stemmed from drama involving her children, Mekhi and Majoree. While in jail, Cass is forced to think about everything that has happened these past few months. From her sixteen-year-old daughter being in a relationship with a twenty-three-year-old man to hiding a major secret from her neighbor, Naymond, and longtime partner, Lucy, Cassandra is overwhelmed and the only person who can clear her feelings up is in the wind. Finally confessing to her girlfriend the events that unfolded after their vacation that lead her to Naymond's house, she feels at ease, but that is the least of her problems.Back home, Lucy, Cassandra's longtime girlfriend, is struggling with her own set of problems. Her best friend, first love, and girlfriend's husband, Major, is finally home and old feelings are starting to resurface. Secrets of the past between her and Major are finally coming to light while she exposes her true feelings. Not wanting to cross a line that had already been crossed once before, Lucy devises a plan to get her cake and eat it too. The only thing is, she has no idea if Cassandra would be up to it.Find out in this installment of Memories how their memories from way back when will impact the outcome of their lives.

Memories Way Back When 2