Upon returning home from a weekend trip with her wife and two teenage children, Cassandra "Cass" Jordan now has doubts about her relationship with her loving wife, Lucille. On her way to work, Cass notices three large packages on her neighbors stoop. After a few days, the boxes remain unclaimed. Being the kind neighbor that she is, she took them for safekeeping and returned them weeks later when her neighbor returned home. Realizing the condition Nay is in, she offers to help with cleaning, cooking, and taking care of a gunshot wound that Nay had suffered a few weeks earlier. It’s the least she can do, right? Struggling with the death of a close friend is never easy for anyone, especially when feelings get involved where they shouldn't. Nay is learning the hard way that should've, could've, and would've, are just words, and dwelling on the past is not going to help get past the heartache. Upon returning home, Nay is greeted by a neighbor with three large boxes from Taylor, Nay's recently deceased best friend. With the help of Cass, Nay opens the boxes, and what’s inside, forces them both to think about the past, the present, and the future. Memories from way back when can only have two effects on the present and the future. A Positive or Negative, the choice is up to Cass & Nay to decide on their present and future.

Memories Way Back When