Love can be sweet when you are being loved properly. It can also be toxic when you realize your lover is not the one for you.

Kejuan Reddington also known as Kayo, and his girlfriend Amanda, both knew the meaning of “love isn't always a beautiful thing.” Their relationship had gone through everything, including miscarriages and multiple counts of infidelities. After all the drama, Kayo knew it was time for a change. He hated to admit it, but Amanda was no longer the sweet girl he first fell in love with. Amanda was forced on him by his mother, and he no longer wanted that force. Kayo realized he was ready for something new.

Kayo falls face first for Nay’ree Evans, a young wild twenty-five-year-old gutta chick from Los Angeles, California. He fell for her hood ways and bad girl attitude. But once Amanda finds out about his new love affair, things take a turn for the worse.

Will Kayo finally see he was meant to be with Amanda, or will her crazy obsessed ways push him to be with Nay’ree? Find out how toxic and crazy love can be when you are in love with a gutta chick.

Gone Off Her Cali Gangsta