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You Thought, A Flash Fiction

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


As Lamont and I rolled around on the bed play fighting things between us started to feel different he was more than just another goofy from across the tracks. To keep it real he was actually cool, and the vibe was like nothing I had ever felt. It was such a shame none of this was real, this relationship we had been in was built on lies, money, and hate.

“You know you mine, right?” Lamont’s baritone voice cut through the mellow sound of Michael Jackson's Butterflies.

We had just gotten back to my apartment from a night on the town. He caught me way off my square with that one. It was my favorite song. This nigga had me wishing I really were his, but wishes are only in fairytales. This life I was living was far from one.

“Yeah, I know daddy.” I straddled him then began to play in his curly brown hair.

The look in his eye let me know he meant what he said. Lamont grabbed me by my throat playfully and kissed me.

“I mean it Felicia, you're mine.” His grip got a little tighter, making me moist between the legs. Giggling as he rolled me over on my back I looked into his green eyes and was confused. Instead of the love I was feeling I saw nothing but pure hate and disgust.

“You're hurting me baby,” I tried to move his hand, but his grip grew tighter. Breathing became a struggle as my airways began to be crushed by the love of my life.

As Lamont choked me my hands flailed around the bed trying to get to the gun that was under my pillow, but it was missing.

“You looking for this?” He pulled my gun from behind his back and placed it on the side of my temple. “You know you fucked up right?” He asked just before my boyfriend and Brother kicked in the bedroom door.

Lamont laughed as they roared orders at him. With his hand still wrapped around my throat and the gun now aimed at my brother Reggie and Trill my boyfriend. Tears fell from my eyes. Not because I was stuck in this predicament but because Lamont really did not deserve to die.

“While y'all was so busy plotting on a nigga you forgot to search the house.” He continued to laugh then suddenly their bodies dropped to the floor with brains and guts splattering the walls.

Kicking and screaming did nothing as Lamont shook his head above me.

“You can lose weight, get your teeth fix, color your hair, and all that Sharee but you will always be that bummy bitch from across the tracks. You thought you could play me but failed to realize who you were fucking with. You Thought,” Lamont slapped me.

“Come on Lamont don't do this, baby please,” I cried while looking him deeply in the eyes searching for any trace of love.

There was none.

“Now the bitch wants to cry, she wasn't crying when she called them niggas was she?” The sound of a female's voice sounded off from outside the room.

I was still pinned down and couldn’t see.

“Come on Lamont, don't do this baby.” I pleaded for my life.

“You're right, he ain't gonna do it. I am.” A vaguely familiar face said standing above me. “Poor thing she doesn't remember me Lamont.” They both began to laugh.

“Three months ago, you bumped me coming into restroom at Baxters. You had on that tight green dress with your ass all out, you couldn't wait to call these dusty ass niggas to plot but y'all fucked up. You see your boyfriend, yeah, we been plotting on that nigga and you just handed him to us on a silver platter.”

I shook my head and began thinking about the night I spotted Lamont in the club throwing stack after stack like it was nothing. I made my way into the restroom then called Reggie and Trill to tell them I found my mark.

“Fuck you, if you're going to kill me then kill me bitch!” I spit in both of their faces. The bitch slapped me, and Lamont pulled her back.

“Nah, Aja, we want her to feel the pain we felt when she took our brother from Treyshawn from us. We want her to feel what the fuck he felt and most of all we want that money she stole.”

“I don't know what you're talking about Lamont,” I cried.

“Go get the baby Aja,” He demanded and my body turned cold.

I could feel chill bumps forming all over as the sound of my son crying invaded the room.

“Come on let my son go! PLEASE! COME ON!” I kicked and screamed as she returned with a gun to my son's head.

My son was supposed to be with my mother. I couldn’t believe it, I never told him I had a child.

“Where the fuck is my money Sharee?” Lamont questioned.

“It's in a safe under the bed, take it! Take everything please don't hurt my baby Lamont,”

He tossed me to the floor and moved the bed.

“What's the code?”

“Three-Seven-Seven-Six, now give me my baby,”

“What baby bitch?” Aja smiled as the safe opened. I was confused, but shortly realized what she meant when she said what baby.


My son's lifeless body fell to the floor then Aja pointed her gun at me.

“Tell our brother I said hello bitch!”


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