Forever My Savage

I hadn’t told Forever I was around this side of town. Honestly, I was trying to spend time with my best friend, but now, this bitch had me rethinking it. I would have loved to spend my Friday night with the crew doing shit we had no business doing.

“You ready? You looking cute ya’self, best friend.”

I gave her a weak smile, then grabbed my over the shoulder clutch, and we were out the door. The party was only a few blocks away from her house, so we decided to walk. Hell, we didn’t have a choice but to walk. The walk seemed longer than it was. It must’ve been the silence. Whatever it was, the closer we got to the party, the more we could hear the sounds of music.


“Do you wanna love me forever?”


I started doing a little two-step to J. Cole’s “Work Out.”

 This night out with my girl was needed—even if she was acting out. Me, I was going to make the best of this night with or without her.

“You want something to drink?” I offered as we headed up the steps.

“I’ll get my own.” She smiled.

Once we made it in, I couldn’t help but dance around. Everyone was turnt up in the living room.

“Ayeeee!” I shouted as some light-skinned nigga grabbed me from behind and pushed my head down. He was lucky I came to party. Had that been my wig, he would have been dead.

Grinding on Light-Bright, I continued to shout at the top of my lungs. This was already starting to be a good party as the music switched. Whoever the fuck was on the music knew just what to play.


“If you kiss me on my neck, then I'll probably stay longer! Ayeee!”


Light-Bright let go of my hair and began to place his hands on my hips as we slow-grind all through the party. After a couple of songs, I tapped all the way out. I needed that drink. 

“You thirsty?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He grabbed my wrist and led me through the party, towards the drinks. Pulling out a bankroll, he handed the girl who was making drinks a twenty. She handed him back a ten and poured us two large red cups of punch.

 I took a sip from my cup and rocked side to side as I looked around for my best friend.

Milla was a dancing machine, and I was shocked to see her standing next to the door holding the wall. Usually, I would have to drag her ass off the dance floor, but for once, I was glad she was chillin’, though. I was going to get fucked up and needed her to be the responsible one.

“So what’s your name?” Light-Bright finally asked.

“Monique, but you can call me Mo. Yours?”

“Slim.” He pulled out his phone and asked for my Instagram.

“I don’t have one, but come on, let’s dance.”

Chugging the rest of my drink, I tossed the cup in the trash and stepped back on the dance floor. After a few more dances and drinks, the woozy feeling began to kick in.

I excused myself from Slim and headed to Milla.

“Bitch, I gotta go pee. C’mon.” I tried to pull her, but she wouldn’t budge. “Umm, move, bitch. Let’s go. I gotta go pee.”

She had a look on her face I couldn’t read, and I could see her shifting from one leg to the next, an indication that she was pissed off and ready to fight. I knew my best friend like a book.

“Who the fuck we fighting?” I barked, a little too loud.

“I’m ready to go. This party’s way too packed. We can chill at the house on the porch.” She pulled my hand.

I didn’t want to go back to her house. Hell, I was tired of being in the house, but if my girl was ready to go, then we were leaving.

Grabbing her cup out her hand, I took a sip and shrugged. When we got to the door, I had to piss even worse than before.

“Hold up, best friend, I gotta pee. I’m not gon’ make it to the house.”

I pushed past the crowd, not giving a fuck whose toes I stepped on. When I reached the bathroom, the door was closed, so I started beating on it while doing the pee-pee dance.

“Fuuuck! Somebody in here! Suck that dick, girl!”

Now either the liquor was talking to me, or I was seriously hearing shit. I pressed my ear to the door, and when I heard moans that were all too familiar, I stood back and kicked the door as hard as I could.

“Open this door!”

There was silence. Kicking the door a few more times, the knob broke, and I pushed the door open to get the surprise of my life.

“What the—” Forever  reached for his gun on his waistband, but when he saw who it was, that’d interrupted his nut, he stopped and tried to push the bitch off him and zip his pants up.

“Excuse you! We in here! Come on, Savage, baby, lets finish this in the back.”

Savage was standing there looking stupid and sexy as a motherfucker all at the same damn time. How was it that I’d caught this nigga red handed in here, getting topped off by some hoodrat, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I still want to fuck him ’til his toes curled?

“Netta, it ain’t what you—”

Before he could finish the lie that had halfway rolled off his tongue, I barged in and walked up on him, getting all in his face.

I just stood there with my eyes on him. I was trying to act tough, but on the inside, I wanted to yell and scream. My heart was shattered, and although we were still fresh in our relationship, it had been a couple months and way more than a couple fucks.

“Get the fuck out his face! Do you know this bitch? Savage!”

I pulled his gun from his waistband and pointed it at them both.

“Oh my God!”

“Yea, do you know me? Forever Travion Savage?” I asked. I knew calling him by his government was police shit, but I didn’t give a fuck. “Bitch, shut the door! You bet not try to run either! I’ll shoot ya dumbass dead in the back.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Alright, now stand by the damn sink. Both of you bitches.” I waved the gun, then began pulling down my jeans.

“Netta, you’re drunk.”

“Nigga, you and yo’ bitch do what the fuck I said.” I ignored him about me being drunk. Shit, I already knew that.

 She did what I told her, and I was able to now get a good look at her. She was cute, no lie, and the fitted dress and long, curly weave in her head was cute. At least she wasn’t a raggedy-looking bitch.

 He looked at me like he wasn’t fazed about me pointing a gun at him—more so sorry he’d gotten caught. The bitch was standing next to him with her hands up still asking questions.

“Turn around, bitch. I don't roll like that.” I loosely aimed at her. “You too, Forever. Turn around, nigga.”

The bitch moved fast as hell, and Savage just took his precious time. He was so damn petty; he bumped the gun with his chest and bit his bottom lip, looking like the sexy thug nigga he was.

I moved towards the toilet and pulled my panties down with one hand while keeping the other hand that held Forever’s gun pointed at them. Once my panties were down, I took a seat and pissed.

“Really, Netta?” Forever asked.

“What? I came in here to piss, and I’m doin’ that, shit!” I told him.

I reached for the tissue that was in front of me on a roll. I snatched off more than I needed, wiped front to back, flushed the toilet, and got myself together.

I washed my one hand and dried it on my pants leg.

“Y’all can turn around now. Now that I got that shit out the way, who the fuck is this bitch?”

I held the gun to Forever’s head.

He sucked his teeth. “Netta, I know I fucked up, and I’ll own up to that, but if you don’t get the fuck up outta my face, it’s gon’ be a problem. You probably don’t even know how to take it off safety. Let’s get up out this bathroom and talk about this shit, baby.”

I guess the bitch decided she wanted to get some nuts since Forever opened his mouth because she tried to buck me.

“Baby? Oh, you must be the bitch who tried to replace me?” She crossed her arms and smirked with tears still falling from her eyes. The bitch was all pussy, and I could see the fear in her light brown eyes.

I tossed my head back and laughed. “So this ya ex bitch? The bitch who had a baby on you? The bitch who did you dirty? The bitch who made you feel like you was nothing? Oh, how you say it? ‘Netta, she made me feel worthless, and when I’m with you I feel whole again.’”

He dragged his hand down his face with embarrassment. “Janetta, don’t do this right now. Don’t fucking tell our business in front of her.”

“We broke up for a little while, but trust and believe we back like we never left. Savage, call me later so we can discuss our daughter.” She got a little loud.

This bitch was trying to taunt me, and it worked. I removed the gun off safety and aimed it right at her dome. Bitch wanna play? Okay, cool. Let’s play!

“I don’t know how to do what? My father is a cop. Or, you must have forgotten?”

“Damn, Savage. You fucking with the police now? Um.”

“Sienna! Shut the fuck up and take yo’ ass on!” Forever yelled while he mugged, who I now knew as his ex bitch, Sienna.

“Yea, bitch, take yo’ ass on while you still can. Don’t you got some diapers or shit to change? Set that DNA test up ASAP too, ho!”

“Bitch, please! We don’t need no DNA test! My baby, Sage Tracy Savage, looks just like him! Don’t get mad he ain’t got you pregnant!”

I licked my bottom lip and nodded my head. She wanted to pop shit, so she was gonna get popped in her shit. “I’mma give you a few seconds to make your choice. You can walk out that door and keep your dignity, or open your fucking mouth again and get punched in yo’ shit. Make the choice.” I kept the gun trained on her with on hand and opened the door with the other.


I turned around and came face to face with my bestie. She had a look of sorrow, and I now knew why she was ready to leave the party. She knew Forever and this bitch were together and wanted to save me the pain and embarrassment. However, that wasn’t her choice. She had no right to try to protect me.

“It’s cool, Milla, lets dip—”

Before I could finish my statement, my hair was being pulled by this coward ass bitch, who waited ’til I was no longer a threat and made her move.

I turned around, and she had a piece of my hair in her  hand. Touching the place she had just pulled hair from, I felt the spot in shock, then looked at my hand. This bitch made me shed blood.

  With the gun still in my hand, I began pistol whipping the shit out of her. Milla came on the side of me and started stomping her ass out. This bitch was screaming like we were killing her. Weak ass!

“A’ight, Netta—y’all, that’s enough!” Forever tried to pull me off her.

I got so upset by his actions that I started popping her ass even harder.

“I said, stop!” He finally pulled me off the bitch.

Turning around, I smacked him in the face with the butt of the gun. He was now pissed off and reached for the gun. My finger accidentally pulled the trigger and when the gun went off. We all froze.